Netflix’s Best Horror Movies

Netflix's best horror films has routinely listed by Collider. Best horror movies this time around on Netflix.
Netflix Horror Films

Collider listed Netflix’s best horror movies.

Netflix’s best horror films has routinely listed by Collider. Best horror movies this time around on Netflix. When we look at the published list, the 1982 Poltergeist, directed by Tobe Hooper and written by Steven Spielberg, Michael Grais, Mark Victor, was written by Leigh Whannell and starring Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne and Barbara Hershey in the US and Canadian co-production Insidious and Thomas Harris. We see important horror films of this genre, such as 1991’s The Silence of the Lambs, directed by Jonathan Demme and transferred to the big screen from the novel of the same name.

Check out the 22 best horror movies from Netflix released by Collider below.

  • Candyman (2020)

Candyman tells the story of a young man researching an urban legend in Chicago

  • Sleepy Hollow (1999)

New York detective Ichabod Crane is sent to Sleepy Hollow to investigate a series of mysterious murders in which the victims were beheaded.

  • The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

Clarice Starling, who successfully finished the academy, is now a young FBI agent. Clarice is on the hunt for a perverted killer, who is trying to save a woman in the hands of the murderer, who is a psychopathic perverted enough to peel off the skin of his victims. Clarice devises a plan to get close to another psychopath, the famous Doctor Hannibal Lecter. The information Clarice receives from Lecter depends on his trust.

  • Poltergeist (1982)

Not knowing that their house is built on a cemetery, the Freeling family soon starts to have bad days. Bad Spirits, or ghosts, attract the little girl of the house, Carel Annie, who has some special powers, to their own dimensions through the home television. Now it is her parents who will not try to save her. Time is running out. Moreover, the devil tries to influence Carel. The angry ghosts want to use the little girl’s power to come back to life.

  • Sinister (2012)

It is about a true crime writer finding himself and his family in the midst of a terrible nightmare when he finds a reel of film with scary footage shot at his home in his new home.

  • The Evil Dead (1981)

The protagonist Ash, along with her boyfriend Linda, takes another couple and their friend Cheryl with them to spend the weekend at a cottage in the Tennessee forest. In the cellar of the hut, they find the Necronomicon, the book of the dead, and a soundtrack. When they play this audio tape containing the magical words from the book, they unwittingly awaken ancient demons who seek revenge. After a while, some of them will fall under the influence of demons.

  • In the Tall Grass (2019)

Hearing a boy’s cries for help, a pregnant woman and her brother enter a large meadow. However, they realize that there may not be a way out.

  • Insidious (2010)

Josh and Renai have moved into an old house with their three children and lead a happy family life. As a result of the accident, until the young children fall into a coma. Only then starts the events. John and Renai must save their son from the other, from the unexplained mysterious and supernatural events.

  • Bird Box (2018)

Keep quiet. Be awake. Close your eyes. As terrifying power lurks, a mother embarks on a dangerous journey with her children.

  • Apostle (2018)

In 1905, a vagrant embarks on a dangerous job to save his kidnapped sister and fights an ominous religious cult on a remote island.

  • The Witch (2015)

The settlers who live just outside of an uncharted New England forest and believe that a witch is cursing their families grow increasingly paranoid.

  • Paranormal Activity (2007)

A young couple begins to suspect the existence of a strange power in their home and equip their home with a camera system. Here, Paranormal Activity consists of only the images reflected on these cameras.

  • Cargo (2017)

Amidst a terrifying epidemic, a father sets out on a quest across the Australian wilderness to find someone ready to arm his infant daughter.

  • The Ritual (2017)

The deaf writer who retreats to the forest to live a hermit life must defend his life in silence against the masked murderer he sees from his window.

  • 1922 (2017)

A farmer documents his confession that he killed his wife. But the woman’s death is only the beginning of a terrible story. Based on Stephen King’s long story.

  • Train to Busan (2016)

Seok-woo and his daughter Soo-ahn took a fast train from Seoul to Busan. However, during the journey, a rapidly spreading virus emerges, and anyone caught with the virus begins to turn into bloodthirsty zombies. Passengers who are not affected by the virus will have to complete an extremely dangerous journey to reach Busan safely.

  • Gerald’s Game (2017)

When her husband’s sex game goes awry, Jessie, handcuffed to a bed in a desolate lake house, is faced with twisted visions, dark secrets and horrible choices.

  • Hush (2016)

The deaf writer who retreats to the forest to live a hermit life must defend his life in silence against the masked murderer he sees from his window.

  • Under the Shadow (2016)

During the Iran-Iraq War, a Tehran woman who raised her daughter in the absence of her husband at the front, slowly believes that evil spirits are at work.

  • The Invitation (2015)

Will agrees to attend the dinner hosted by his ex-wife Eden. During the meal, old wounds will open and new tensions will arise.

  • The Wicker Man (1973)

Police sergeant Neil Howie receives an anonymous letter one day. In the letter sent to him, it was stated that a 12-year-old girl named Rowan Morrison had been missing for a long time on an island off the coast of Scotland. But Howie, who goes to the island, is shocked to find that no one from the island people knows this girl. As a result of his research, he concludes that the people on the island are hiding something about the girl. The fact that the people of the island exhibit rituals that seem to be influenced by paganism has increased these suspicions.

  • Velvet Buzzsaw (2019)

When a feared critic, a cold gallery owner, and an ambitious assistant grab the paintings of a recently deceased painter, it has dire consequences.

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